Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

3 Services to Ask Your Deck Builder About

It stands to reason that a deck builder would do a good job of building decks. However, these professionals can do a bit more than just put up a deck for you to enjoy. Whether you have a deck or are thinking of adding one to your space, these additional services are worth asking your contractors about.

1. Deck Sealing

You can have a sealing product applied to your wood deck to help protect it from the rain and prevent rot. In most cases, wood decking has to sit and cure for a couple of months before the first coat of this sealer is applied, so decking contractors do not always automatically seal a deck after installation or include the cost of sealing in their price. Ask your deck company if you can schedule sealing a few months after your deck is installed. Or if you have had a deck for a while, call a deck company in your area and schedule a sealing appointment. It's a good idea to then have your deck resealed every two or three years to prevent rot and algae growth.

2. Pest Eradication

Unfortunately, several pests like to move into wood decks. Carpenter ants and wood bees are the most common. Some deck building companies will remove these insects upon request. They can plug the holes left by wood bees and insert ant baits into the tunnels left by ants. In some states, you do have to have a pest control license to perform these services; if that is the case in your state, your deck builder may refer you to another company. Still, they are a good first point of contact when you have wood-loving pests in your deck.

3. Structural Reinforcement

Structural reinforcement can become a problem as your deck ages. When it reaches an age where some of the wood is starting to break down but you don't want to replace the deck, a deck company can perform what's known as structural reinforcement. This may involve adding some more beams to the underside of the deck to support other beams that are starting to weaken. It may also involve staking some of the supports, or in other words, securing metal stakes to posts to keep them intact. 

Most decking contractors do a bit more than just build decks. Give your local deck contractor a call if you need any of the services above. 

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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