Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

3 Tips For Choosing Sizing For A Shower Niche

Installing a shower niche is a good way to upgrade your shower and provide yourself with plenty of storage space. Plus, when installed correctly, a shower niche can look great and make it easier for you to keep your shower neat and tidy. You can purchase shower niches that has already been made, or you can have one custom-made. 

1. Consider the Size of Your Shower

First, you will need to consider the size of your shower. If you have a bigger shower, you can go with a bigger shower niche, or you can even choose to install more than one shower niche in your larger shower. If you have a smaller shower, then you will probably want a smaller shower niche to ensure that it fits nicely and that it doesn't take up an overwhelming amount of space in the shower. You may want to take measurements in your shower first so that you can get an idea of how much space you are working with. If you have your shower niche custom-made, then a professional may come out to your home and take measurements for you.

2. Think About the Products That You'll Store in the Shower

Of course, you should think about how many people you share your shower with and what types of products you and your family members like to keep in the shower. If you have a pretty standard routine, then you might not need a very big shower niche in order to have enough space for all of your shower-time necessities. If you like to use a lot of body or hair products or if you're going to be sharing your shower niche with your entire family, on the other hand, you will need to pick a larger shower niche so that there will be enough storage space for everything.

3. Determine How Much You Want to Spend

A bigger shower niche is typically going to be more expensive, although labor costs are often fairly similar between smaller and larger shower niches because the amount of work that has to be done are pretty similar. In addition to looking at sizing so that you can stick to your budget, you should also pay attention to things like what type of material the shower niche is going to be made from. For example, a granite shower niche is typically going to cost quite a bit more than a shower niche that is made from stainless steel or plastic.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

I noticed my energy bill was slowly creeping up higher and higher. The first thing I thought could be the cause of the problem, was my air conditioning and heating system. After a thorough inspection, the repair company said that was in great condition. So I did some research online and found that old windows could be the cause of energy bills increasing. I had no idea that as your windows age and lose efficiency, your energy bill begins to go up. In fact, that is one of the earliest signs that your windows may need to be replaced in the near future. If I didn't know this information, I am sure others didn't as well, so I created this site to educate others. This site includes many signs that indicate your windows need to be replaced, including an increasing energy bill.