Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

Three Things You Need To Consider When Deciding On A Roof Replacement For Your Commercial Building

If you're like most commercial property owners, you've dealt with your share of minor repairs and restorations, but you may have little experience with major projects such as replacing a worn-out roof on one of your buildings. Because there are so many roofing options available, it's smart to do some research into which one best suits your individual needs and preferences. Following are three things that you need to consider when deciding on the right roof replacement for your commercial building. 

Building Usage

Buildings that are being used for retail rentals have significantly different roofing needs than their counterparts that are being used for industrial or agricultural purposes. For instance, if your building is used as an industrial warehouse, functionality and safety will be your primary concerns when considering replacement roofing options. Naturally, these features are important for roofing on retail businesses as well, but roofs on retail buildings need to be aesthetically appealing and offer benefits such as soundproofing and superior insulation. 

Weather and Climate Conditions

The kind of weather your area experiences in another important consideration when deciding on a style of roof for a commercial property. If you live in an area that routinely receives heavy amounts of snowfall every winter, for instance, one of the worst things you could do would be to have a flat roof installed. Steeply sloped roofs are far better options for areas that get snow because accumulated snow slides off this style of roof, while it just sits there on top of flat roofs and has the potential to cause damage such as leaks or even to make the roof cave in if enough snow builds up. 

High winds, hail, heat, and other climatic conditions also largely determine the type of roof that's best for commercial buildings. Reinforced roofs are best when hail or wind is a regular part of the picture, and buildings located in places where summer temperatures soar should have reflective roofs installed in order to keep utility costs from soaring as well. 

Desired Lifespan of the New Roof

If you plan on holding onto your property for at least 20 more years, it's advisable to invest in a roof constructed with durable, long-lasting materials as well as obtaining a long-term warranty from your commercial roofing contractor. Long lasting roofing materials include metal, stone, and concrete, clay, or slate tiles. Your local commercial roofing contractor can provide you with more information on the best roof replacement options for your building.   

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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