Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

Tips To Make Your Backyard Ready For Warm Weather

Although the weather is still cold in most parts of the United States, it is never too early to begin planning for your next year's yard updates and improvements. As soon as the snow and ice begin to thaw in spring, you can get busy on making plans to turn your backyard into a great location for get-togethers and parties. Here are some recommendations to add to your yard—no matter its size—to make it worthy of a party.

Install a Fire Pit

One of the best things you can add to your backyard is a central focal point that you can use to build your parties around. An outdoor fire pit will provide a relaxing seating area, and the fire provides a visual interest. Then, when the sun goes down or on chilly evenings, a fire pit will provide warmth and comfort to you and your guests. Or, if you want to host a weenie roast or a s'mores party, your fire pit will provide some of the equipment for the event.

When you install and position your fire pit, be sure you follow local regulations and fire codes. You don't want your fire pit to be positioned too close to a tree, shed, fence, or building that may accidentally catch fire. If you hire a professional contractor, they will be able to ensure it is built to these standards.

Add Seating

After you install your fire pit, you will need to add seating around it. The seating you choose can be as simple as a tree log or stone blocks, or you can buy and set up a decorative iron seating arrangement with cushions and pillows. The seating around your gathering place can add comfort to your parties and can help them last long into the night.

Just be sure you clean your furniture each spring to remove dirt and dust buildup. Also be sure to store your outdoor cushions and pillows out of the weather during the winter to help them last longer.

Add a Decorative Arbor

To add more visual interest and a place to provide shade during the summer, you can install or have built a decorative arbor. An arbor in your backyard is a great foundation for growing grape vines or other vine and climbing plants. As these plants grow upon your arbor, they will add more shade to your backyard and will cool the air on the hottest days.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

I noticed my energy bill was slowly creeping up higher and higher. The first thing I thought could be the cause of the problem, was my air conditioning and heating system. After a thorough inspection, the repair company said that was in great condition. So I did some research online and found that old windows could be the cause of energy bills increasing. I had no idea that as your windows age and lose efficiency, your energy bill begins to go up. In fact, that is one of the earliest signs that your windows may need to be replaced in the near future. If I didn't know this information, I am sure others didn't as well, so I created this site to educate others. This site includes many signs that indicate your windows need to be replaced, including an increasing energy bill.