Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

3 Repairs Your Gutters May Need To Keep Them In Good Shape

Gutters can be damaged in a number of ways. You might bend the metal or knock the gutters out of alignment with a ladder when you're cleaning them or doing work around your house. A storm can knock a gutter trough loose or even twist it. Gutters can also deteriorate due to old age by cracking or rusting depending on the material they're made from. Your gutters are important for the protection of your home, so repairs should be done promptly if there are problems with them. Here are three repairs you might need to have done on your gutters.

Unclog A Downspout

Clogs in a downspout can be difficult to remove when they are packed tight. You can't see inside the downspout very well, and you need a long pole or power washer to knock the debris loose. If the clog isn't dislodged, water can't drain and it spills over the gutter troughs instead. If you have a clog in the downspout and you can't get it out, you should have it cleaned out by a professional so it works properly again.

Tighten Loose Troughs

A common problem with gutters is when a section comes loose and starts to sag. This might happen because the hooks pull out of the fascia due to rotting wood or it could happen due to strong wind moving the gutters. A heavy animal, like a raccoon, might cause gutter damage that makes it sag. A sagging trough is a problem because it holds water rather than allowing it to drain. The weight of the water causes the trough to sag further and eventually the trough can fall down. A saggy trough may need professional gutter repairs to make sure it slopes properly toward the downspout and drains easily.

Repair Leaky Areas

Rust is bad in gutters because it makes holes that allow rain to leak through. When the rust is confined to a small area, it can usually be repaired by removing all the rust and patching the hole. This repair work keeps the rust from spreading and it fills the hole created by rust so leaking stops. Another area prone to leaks is around the seams in sectional gutters. When the seams work loose, rain drips through the gaps. This problem is fixed by sealing the seam to stop the leak.

Check for gutter damage after each big storm and again when you clean out your gutters. If you can't maintain your gutters yourself, consider hiring a service to clean, inspect, and repair them at least once each year so they continue to protect your home like they should.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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