Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

Decorating Ideas For An Ebonized Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are a luxury for your home. They feature the pretty grains and warm palettes typical of the wood you've chosen. However, maybe you're looking for a more neutral foundation for your flooring. Ebonizing is a process in which contractors finish wood floors with a black stain. The stain can range from very translucent to completely opaque. You can also choose finishes ranging from a high gloss to a gentle sheen.

Safari Chic

A chic décor style for the living room is inspired by Africa. Safari style can take on different looks, but the palette often includes sand, beige, and black. The light, warm colors work well for the furnishings. Leather chairs are an attractive accent. A common accent piece is a faux animal skin rug, such as zebra or tiger. Such rugs pop against an ebonized wood floor. To keep the look a little warm, consider one of the translucent stains with a low to mid gloss.


An ultra-modern style looks sophisticated in any room. For this décor style, start with opaque ebonizing and a medium to high gloss finish. This gives the clean profile characteristic of the style. For palette, a couple options look very attractive. You could go for shades of neutral, such as taupe and beige. Alternatively, you could opt for a pop art color scheme. With this option, start with a black and white palette, then add bright colors for accents. Either way, choose furniture and décor with clean lines and clear geometry because this is characteristic of the style.

Updated Historical

On the opposite side of the spectrum, ebonized hardwood floors don't have to be exotic or mod. A very translucent stain can simply darken the wood while leaving the grain clearly visible. This gives the floor a beautiful, timeless effect that matches well with traditional décor. You could decorate your rooms with vintage wood or plush, oversized furnishings. A darkened wood floor also makes textiles pop, so lay down a granny rug, or decorate with colorful throw pillows and quilts.

Luxurious Neutral

As Home and Garden TV points out, the deep color of an ebonized hardwood floor simply speaks to luxury. Consider an opaque stain but with a low-gloss finish for any room. Add rich neutral hues to your décor, such as cream or warm taupe. In the kitchen and bathroom, marble countertops or tiles look stunning against the foundation of this kind of floor. The style of furniture can range from contemporary to vintage, and you can even add in some warm wood furniture to the mix.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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