Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

Types Of Residential Tree Care Services

If your home has a large yard with plenty of trees, chances are good that you'll need the services of tree care professionals at some point. You can call on these experts to help with everything from removing a downed or damaged tree after a storm to landscaping your unruly foliage. 

While you may choose to handle some of your tree care—such as trimming—yourself, sometimes it makes more sense to hire professionals to get a job done, especially if it's a big or even dangerous task. Not only do tree care experts have the experience to handle a wide variety of jobs, they'll have specialized tools that you most likely don't have on hand as well. 

Here are a few services that you can get from tree care experts:

1. Soil Care and Fertilization 

The first step to healthy plants and trees is good soil care and fertilization as needed. Tree care experts will visit your home and test the soil conditions to see what it needs to produce robust foliage. This is especially helpful if your plants and trees aren't thriving or are dying, because your soil may be missing important nutrients.

The professionals may take sample of your yard's soil to check its pH levels, and adjust accordingly. Look for tree care companies that use eco-friendly phosphate-free fertilizers to eliminate water pollution risk.

2. Storm Damage Care

After a bad storm with damaging winds, your yard may have trees with broken limbs or loose roots. Not only are these conditions unsightly, they can be dangerous, too, if a branch falls to the ground or onto an electrical wire.

The arborists will come and safely remove any damaged tree limbs, as well as inspect the tree for any other weak areas caused by decay or insect infestations. If a branch is just broken in one area, they can prune to keep the healthy portion intact. 

3. Tree Removal Services 

If you suspect a tree in your yard has died due to a bug infestation or disease, the arborists may need to remove the entire thing for safety reasons. They can also remove stumps using specialized machinery to prevent a landscaping eyesore.

4. Landscaping 

You can hire tree care professionals a few times a year to trim branches and leaves for aesthetic purposes. You may also need to have your trees pruned if their branches obstruct windows, doors, driveways, or any other areas that you need to access on a daily basis. 

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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