Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

How To Repair Damaged Roof Shingles

Damaged or missing shingles can not only be unsightly for your home, if not repaired, it can turn into a leak which can be a very expensive repair. A leak in your roof can cause damage to the plywood portion of your roof beneath your shingles, your roofing trusses, the insulation in your attic, in addition to your ceilings. All of this can be very costly to replace. See below for instructions on how to repair your damaged roofing shingles.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Shingles
  • Roofing nails
  • Gloves


Damaged shingles can be anything from cracked, peeling up, or shingles that have lost their asphalt granules. Your shingles can also be missing, in which case, you should replace the ones that are missing.

  1. This job should be done on a day that is not too cold and not too hot outside. Cold weather can cause the shingles to easily break, but if it's too hot, the shingles can become to tough to pry out.
  2. Shingles come in a sheet, so you won't just be tearing out one single broken shingle, you'll need to take out the entire sheet of three or more tabs (depending on the shingle type you have). Shingles are also usually nailed in the shingle sheet, as well as nailed to the shingle tabs above it. The nails in the shingle tabs above the damaged shingles need to be removed as well.
  3. Use the pry bar to loosen the broken shingles, as well as the section above it. There should be four nails in each shingle sheet. Carefully remove these nails with either the pry bar or your hammer. Try not to damage the unbroken shingle tabs in the section above.
  4. Once the section is removed, take your new shingle sheet, slide it in place and nail the center row of nails (4 nails in all). Then nail the shingles in place to the undamaged row above the new shingles (using 4 more nails).
  5. Check the rest of your roof while you are up there. Look for any other damaged shingles and replace them in the same way. If you see any nails are missing from your shingles, add nails if necessary. Also check around chimneys to be sure flashing is securely in place and check that the shingles near your gutters are secure as well. Be sure to clean out your gutters if they are full, as full gutters can cause an over-flow of water to reach your roof, which can cause damage as well.

Repairing damaged shingles is fairly simple to do. Make these small repairs before they become bigger problems later down the road.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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