Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

3 Ways To Cash In On Your Yard's Dead Walnut Tree

If your property has a large walnut tree that has died from disease or storm damage, then you may have the option of selling its wood, rather than paying to have the tree professionally cut and removed. While not all walnut trees are suitable for sale in this way, those with burls, long straight branches, or interesting wood patterns are often very marketable. In addition, walnut tree wood is very hard and desirable by firewood cutting companies.

Here is some information about how your dead walnut tree can bring you some quick cash:

Walnut Tree Root Burls

Walnut trees are a species that are known for developing burls at their root base. A burl is an area where the tree's inner structure is abnormal, and this results in a burled area that has interesting and unusual grain patterns. Walnut tree burls are often used to make wood carvings, decorative veneers, and turned on lathes into beautiful bowls and other wood products.

Walnut Tree Lumber

Walnut tree wood has a beautiful grain and many woodworkers and cabinetmakers like to mill their own boards from long, straight limbs of walnut trees. Since this type of wood is generally very expensive to purchase, local woodworkers will often be willing to purchase local trees to mill into lumber for their projects.

NOTE: Due to safety concerns from embedded nails in residential trees, and the small scale of the milling job, most commercial lumber mills will not buy logs from individuals to mill down into lumber. However, your local sawmill may be able to refer you to artisans in your area who might be interested in purchasing the tree's logs.

Walnut Tree Firewood

The wood from walnut trees is very hard and burns very cleanly and hot in a fireplace or wood stove. Since walnut trees are not an oily species of tree, it's a wood that does not create excessive amounts of creosote in chimneys. Since walnut wood burns cleanly, hot, and efficiently, it is prized by people who use a fireplace or wood-burning stove to heat their homes.

Due to the demand for hardwoods for use as firewood, a local firewood cutting company may be willing to purchase your walnut tree to cut and split it to sell as firewood. Additionally, if you own a chainsaw and have the time, you can cut the tree yourself and sell the firewood.

For Further Assistance

Finally, if you are not able to sell your walnut tree to a local artisan or firewood company, then you should contact a licensed tree removal company, like Tall Timbers Tree & Shrub Service Inc, in your area for assistance. They will be able to come out to your property and remove the tree for you, or refer you to someone who will.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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