Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

2 Ways To Repurpose Your Used Electrical Parts For Decorations And Crafts

Any contracted project that requires the use of raw materials will result in overages. Leftover construction and electrical materials often go unused, but there are some creative ways to give these items new life. Here are two crafty ways to repurpose excess electrical parts left over from your construction projects.

1. Create a votive holder using an old electrical insulator.

If you have electrical insulators left over from your construction project, you can easily create a unique and stunning votive holder. Electrical insulators come in a variety of colors and are made from durable glass that is designed to withstand heat.

All you need to create a votive holder using an electrical insulator is an old bed spring and an insulator in the color of your choice. Place the insulator inside the bed spring, and secure it with some glue if you want the votive to function as a single piece. Place a lit candle inside, and enjoy the soft ambiance your repurposed electrical votive holder can provide.

2. Use leftover copper magnet wire to create circuit bugs.

Teaching young children about electrical properties can easily be accomplished by using leftover electrical parts to create circuit bugs. You will need a couple LED lights, batteries, electrical tape, clothespins, and some brightly colored pipe cleaners to complete this project.

Begin by testing your LED lights to ensure they work. Place the battery between the two prongs, and ensure that the LED bulb lights up. Once you have working parts, wrap your insulated copper wire around the positive (or shorter) leg of each LED light. Use electrical tape to wrap the LED lights securely on the clothespin, with one leg of the light on either side of the wood. Leave some excess copper wire hanging out of the tape to attach your battery, then wrap the clothespin with pipe cleaner to simulate the appearance of a bug.

When the battery comes into contact with the insulated copper wire, the LED bulbs will turn on. Your children will enjoy learning about electrical circuits by playing with circuit bugs crafted from leftover copper wiring.

Finding innovative ways to reuse electrical parts doesn't have to be difficult. Incorporating colorful glass insulators into home decor items or creating circuit bugs using leftover copper wiring are great ways to give new life to the excess electrical parts left behind once a construction project has been completed. Talk with a professional, like Miller & Humphrey Plumbing & Electric Inc, to learn about other ways on how you can repurpose your electrical parts.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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