Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

A Vinyl Fence Is Good for You and for the Environment

When you choose a fencing material, you should look for something that will hold up well to the elements without the need for a lot of maintenance. While a durable fence will help you to save money as a homeowner, you should still consider what impact your choice will have on the environment. Some choices of fencing will deplete mother earth's resources. You should avoid these materials and look for a recyclable material. If you buy yourself a vinyl fence, you will get a money-wise choice as well as an environmentally conscious one. 

The Durability of Vinyl 

Wood is a durable material, but it has one main defect: it is biodegradable. While you can take steps to preserve wood, as soon as you put it out in the elements, it will start to decompose. Vinyl is a plastic that will not rot, nor is it susceptible to termite damage. Instead of frequently staining or painting your fence to preserve the color and to keep it from rotting, the only maintenance a vinyl fence requires is an occasional washing. When you choose a vinyl fence, you are choosing a low maintenance fence, which will help you to save money over the life of your fence. 

Vinyl and Wet Conditions

Vinyl is also good for seaside locations, or any location that receives a lot of rough weather. Wood will rot and steel will corrode in wet conditions, but vinyl will remain impervious.

The Environmental Impact of Vinyl

Wood has to be harvested and galvanized steel has to be refined and manufactured. Thus, when you build with either material, you deplete earth's resources. A metal fence will last for a long time, but when it starts to corrode, it cannot be recycled. Vinyl is made from chlorine, which is extracted from common salt and from hydrocarbons found in crude oil or natural gas. While making vinyl will have an impact on the environment, that impact is mitigated by recycling. Whenever vinyl reaches the end of its service life, you can recycle it. 

A fencing choice is something that you have to live with for a long time; thus, you should make a careful choice. You want something that you can pay for once and not have to worry about high maintenance costs down the road. You also want something that will not deplete earth's resources needlessly. A vinyl fence is the only choice for a money and environmentally conscious homeowner. For assistance, talk to a professional like All Counties Fence and Supply.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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