Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

Roof Soffits: Why They Matter And How To Take Care Of Yours

If you're a homeowner, then you know just how important it is to take care of your roof; this means having annual roofing inspections and making necessary preventative repairs. Unfortunately, there's one aspect of a home's roof that's all-too-often overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance: the soffits. A roof soffit (typically made of metal, vinyl, or wood) refers to the horizontal boards on the underside of a roof eave that connect the outer edge of a roof to the home's siding. Read on to explore the importance of roof soffits and what you can do to take care of yours.

Why Are Soffits Important?

You rarely see your home's soffits unless you're standing directly underneath them, but they play a vital role in maximizing the lifespan of your roof and preventing moisture damage within your home. The most important role a soffit plays is that of providing needed ventilation through the attic. Specifically, this occurs through a series of slats or holes throughout the surface of the soffit itself. This, in turn, helps keep your home's roof cool and helps to extend the overall life of your roof, keeping shingles from baking and becoming dried out, cracked, and dislodged.

How Can You Protect Your Soffits?

If you're having regular maintenance done by a professional roofing company, they should be giving your home's soffits a little TLC. However, you can also make your own efforts to protect your soffits from damage, such as rotting. The best thing most homeowners can do to keep their soffits from being damaged is to keep gutters clean and clear of debris. If a gutter system is clogged with debris, soffits can easily be saturated with water during times of heavy rain, which contributes to rotting and other damage. Furthermore, taking care of rodent or insect problems (such as wasp nests) around your gutters can also help protect your soffits.

What to Do About Rotted Soffits

If you do have rotted soffits on your home, you'll want to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible so as to protect your roof. Usually, a rotting soffit can be detected by simply applying a small amount of pressure to the soffit itself with a screwdriver. If the soffit begins to break away, this is a sign that it's rotted out. Depending on the extent of the rot, a small section of the soffit or an entire section of the soffit may need to be replaced by an experienced and reputable area roofing professional, such as Allstate Gutter & Siding.

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Energy Bill Increasing? Your Windows May be to Blame

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